Show Club, excellence extended to the pool

From a model that is achieving surprising results, the Padua-based group elevates the idea of personalized service to reach more sedentary people through pathways based on the aquatic experience

Distinguished just over a year ago for opening the first charity gymnasium, Show Care, Giorgio Leo and Vito Stolfi decided to give their evolved planning a further boost by opening the first swimming pool in one of their clubs. The reasons for such a new choice and ideas for developing and improving Show Club are told by Giorgio Leo in this new interview.

Giorgio Leo and Vito Stolfi of Show Cloud Padova
Giorgio Leo and Vito Stolfi of Show Cloud Padova

The Show Club model stands out from the early years as being successful: can you summarize it in the points that you think are key to making a difference?

More than a winning model, we are committed to making it work as well as possible. We will be a winner when we have at least 15 or so income-producing clubs in place, on an ongoing basis, only then can we talk about something approaching the word you mentioned. That said, if the question is about what helps us differentiate ourselves and create a defined market positioning, then I can say that the key point isactive listening.

From the very beginning from approaching our clubs we love to really take care of the needs of the potential customer and continue when they become a full-fledged customer. UX is designed and tailor-made to put the customer at the center, without judgment, conveying and sharing empathy, helping them achieve the results they desire, experiencing small and continuous victories that improve their self-efficacy and sense of mastery.

This helps him experience joy and surprise, emotions that can evoke pleasure.

The Show Cloud Padua Pool
The Show Cloud Padua Pool

We love to genuinely take care of the needs of the potential customer and continue when they become a full-fledged customer

Only those who move by experiencing this feeling are destined to continue their journey, and only those who do so can make positive changes in their life habits, truly becoming an active person, thus defeating the demon of sedentariness.

In Show Club’s more than two decades of history, what have been the most significant changes, the latest being the inclusion of a swimming pool in one of your clubs?

We are constantly changing as we analyze the responses of our target market and look for useful solutions to improve the user experience. My partner and I started, in 2005, after 5 years of working together in a small generalist club in downtown Padua.

From 2 we went from having a team of 7 people, then 27, to about 80 today, counting those who work in the pool and in the software house we own, Angel1. The year 2009, in conjunction with the opening of the second club, was a key moment because we coined the 3F method to give a common direction and modus operandi, which is essential for predicting the achievement of the results our clients want and for organizing the work of heterogeneous groups.

We have been training all our users with heart rate monitors since 2011: first at the wrist (with the old Polar ft1s) and since 2016 with our proprietary telemetry system (rebeat), an integral part of our Show Cloud software, developed by our software house Angel1.

Since 2013, we have offered only continuous pathways to our clients to be congruent with them and our positioning as health promoters and motivators. We do this in a simple way, choosingtogether how many times a week it is preferable to train and how long the training sessions will last.

Since the following year all the people who work within our centersare hired on a permanent basis, exclusively in our clubs, and this is also the case for the pool.

In 2015, for the first time in the world and without fear of contradiction, we launched our team-based personal training service. Each client is taken care of by a small, select team of staff; no client is entrusted to a single personal trainer. It is a silent revolution that perhaps deserves a separate article. Three years later this change in approach, we created the first softwerized model for managing training periodizations, tests, and schedules.

Then we come to the last four years: in 2020 we launched virtual personal training within our proprietary platform, and this saved us during the covid period. Seventy percent of our clients signed up for this offer, for a fee, allowing us to continue coaching despite the restrictions.

We will take our model to the water, offering continuous pathways customized for the 1:1 market

The interview, published in HA Wellbeing’s May-June 2024 issue, is coming these days ion all Italian fitness centers. If you do not receive it in your club, you can apply at

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