Quality of activity in the water?

Here, devoted to the more technical part of the pool exercise, the forward thrust movement in the transverse plane is examined: an example to grasp the different effects, avoiding errors on the part of the trainer

Among the exercises that are always done in vertical fitness are “forward thrusts,” with or without equipment. Very often it is “thrown” there as a trigger moment without the right attention, just to pass some time. It is certainly a very straightforward exercise, somewhat like the flat bench in the gym, but in its simplicity, placed in the water environment, we will discover it can hide many useful tricks for people who are doing activities.

Again empirically, as attentive as possible, however, to the particularities of the situation, we report what we did as a test. As always, we frame the environmental situation, without which in-water activity information makes little sense.

AgeWater heightWater temperatureTub floorStatusNow
57125 cm30.5° and 29°CTilesNot activated06:45
Test: forward thrusts with two Small Equipment, durable and buoyant: Aqquacombat Gloves and Happy Flowers

In this first part we examine only pushes with Aqquacombat Gloves

General references

  • water level that always remained at the height of the top of the deltoid, so as to ensure that Aqquacombat Gloves always remained well underwater
  • I tried to figure out which support was better. For convenience, the sagittal opening of the legs, with left forward and right backward
  • Movement references : full extension of arms and flexion to touch torso
  • smaller numbers represent FC%. On ordinate a scale with FC%, on abscissa minutes of activity
  • a cycle is given by push and pull

Knowing what is going on helps prevent client errors in the water, rather than having them perceive movement that is not depersonalized

Article by Stefano Candidoni, published on wbox.co.uk.

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