Vertical Dynamic

Multi-station and multifunctional tool, with 200 or 250 cm rod, to be chosen according to the height of your bathtub.

Vertical Dynamic, in its simplicity, is a staple in a tank’s tooling equipment.

Easy to handle, it is a nicely designed product and provides excellent stability of the base equipped with high-grip suction cups.

The rod engagement system is quick and safe: all stainless steel, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

The versatility of the tool is ensured by the optional accessories that can be purchased separately:

  • VD Combat Bag
    , the punching bag designed to be easily used with both arms and legs, equipped with a zipper for easy product maintenance.

  • VD Power Training Kit
    , consisting of elastic bands with handles, anklet and belt, to ensure simultaneous use by several people.
Altezza prodotto

200 cm, 250 cm


21 kg


12 blue suction cups


Base: 78 x 78 cm

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