Swallow Fins – Junior

Fin with longer blade for better thrust.
Pack of 1 pair.

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Ideal fin for snorkeling and finswimming.

Made from the same materials as the more technical range: polypropylene for the blade and very flexible thermoplastic rubber for the shoe and spars.

Fin designed with the bootie in the middle of the blade so that force transmission is effective, with a progressive motion that is pleasant for the swimmer, reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the upper foot.

The sole of the bootie has a rigidity calculated to prevent foot cramps. The back area of the bootie is larger and reinforced, and a small rubber tab on the top makes it easier to fit

Its proportionate design, materials and lightweight construction give it an unbeatable price/performance/comfort ratio of fins in this category, making it the model of choice for most finswimming schools in Europe.


29-30, 31-32


Plastic + Silicone

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