Standard Aquatreadmill

Pool treadmill, constructed of stainless steel: small, practical and easy to handle, it provides a wide range of exercises for basic level aquawalking and aquarunning activities.

Created for walking and running in water, Standard Aquatreadmill is is ideal for entry-level activity.

Small, light and practical, suitable for small tanks.

It combines innovation, functionality and practicality and can be easily moved around the poolside as well.



Suction cup

Blue, Transparent


20 kg


140 × 58 × 125 cm

Running surface dimensions

00 x 00 cm


Stainless steel AISI 316L

Recommended water depth

110-150 cm

Recommended maximum height

depending on the height of the water

Tilting platform


  • Prodotto completamente made in Italy.
  • Dimensioni contenute.
  • Ottimo scorrimento del nastro.
  • Materiale idoneo anche in caso di prolungati periodi di immersione.
  • ~400 Kcal/h* FEMMINA: normotipo media età • 75% della FC
  • ~500 Kcal/h* MASCHIO: normotipo media età • 75% della FC

*Consumo calorico stimato, con una temperatura dell’acqua tra i 28 e 29 gradi

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