Round Jump

Pool trampoline. Suitable for everyone, Round Jump is a fun, multipurpose tool with which to train endurance and strength while improving balance without any risk to joints.

Generous size, but at the same time lightweight and easily moved.

The large spring area ensures that many movements are possible.

The large pushing surface together with the elastic response of the cloth make it a suitable tool for all targets: fun safe play for children, excellent balance improvement for over, outstanding for facilitating leg blood circulation.


Polished steel

Suction cup

Blue, Transparent


6 kg


91.5 × 91.5 × 22 cm


Stainless steel AISI 316L

Recommended water depth

110-150 cm

  • Prodotto completamente made in Italy.
  • Ampia area di molleggio che garantisce sicurezza.
  • Ottima risposta elastica della tela.
  • Materiale idoneo anche in caso di prolungati periodi di immersione.
  • ~400 Kcal/h* FEMMINA: normotipo media età • 75% della FC
  • ~500 Kcal/h* MASCHIO: normotipo media età • 75% della FC

*Consumo calorico stimato, con una temperatura dell’acqua tra i 28 e 29 gradi

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