Everyone on the slide: ready? Go!

Wibit MOUNTAIN the most gigantic product in the Wibit line to be connected to a modular park or installed as a Standalone.

Are you ready to slide from an impressive height? Then try the new Mountain! Because of its extraordinary size, the Mountain will become the focal point of any Wibit park. It offers limitless challenges, because you can slide every which way you can from here. For those who love adventure, the Sky-Jump is the place to go: from a height of four meters, the ramp descends steeply and eventually propels you skyward. From the Family-Slide entire families or groups of friends can slide together holding hands.

The Multi-Slide, divided into four lanes, is reserved for speed challenges. In addition, two single slides and a ladder designed to give anyone the opportunity to climb the mountain as fast as possible.

So… climb the mountain, choose your slide, ready, set and go!


13.7 x 9 m

Product height

4 m

Minimun depth

3 m

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