Happy Flowers

Pair of flower-shaped dumbbells for arm activities.

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  • Unique and exclusive in material softness and variable resistance action determined by “active” petals.
  • The amplitude of the movement and its speed also condition the activity due to the conformation of the tool specially designed by Aqquatix.
  • Trendy tool, optimal for full arm and upper body exercise.
  • The durable material it is made of is not afraid of water and can remain submerged even for long periods.

Lime, Purple


Diameter 26 cm


Injected EVA

  • ~300 Kcal/h* • FEMMINA: normotipo media età • 75% della FC
  • ~400 Kcal/h* • MASCHIO: normotipo media età • 75% della FC

*Consumo calorico stimato, con una temperatura dell’acqua tra i 28 e 29 gradi

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