Flash Lady

Small fit goggles for women or boys, clear monocoque and clear or tinted lenses.
Pack 6 assorted pieces in 4 colors, subject to availability.

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Spectacles with separate eyepieces, characterized by the presence within the structure of a
elastic element that allows perfect adaptability to a large number of facial profiles,
equipped with lenses that are slightly curved on the outer profile to provide maximum visibility. Lenses
Unbreakable with anti-scratch, anti-U.V. and anti-fog internal treatment. Buckles
Indestructible micrometrically adjustable. Ability to instantly replace the
Belt-buckle complex with other models in the Cressi range.
Made 100% in Italy at the Cressi factory.




Polycarbonate + Silicone


Guys, Women


6 pieces, assorted colors


Transparent or colored

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