Extra Fins

Short fins for better propulsive thrust.
Pack of 1 pair, colors according to availability.

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Fin designed with the bootie in the middle of the blade so that force transmission is effective, with a progressive motion that is pleasant for the swimmer, reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the upper foot.

The sole of the bootie has a rigidity calculated to prevent foot cramps. The back area of the bootie is larger and reinforced, and a small rubber tab on the top makes it easier to fit.

All profiles in contact with the skin are rounded for added comfort.

This model combines three different materials in its structure:

  • Polypropylene for the blade and sole area. This material emerges for its great lightness and resistance to saltpeter, chlorine, and ozone. It is unalterable with time and maintains its performance given its great strength. It is completely unbreakable, already either by bending or twisting in any direction.
  • Rounded reinforcing elastomer in the lower profile of the blade. It prevents its erosion wear due to rubbing and protects other swimmers of occasional impacts.
  • Elastomer (thermoplastic rubber) very soft and comfortable. It is applied to the upper sock area and the lateral nerves of fin stabilization during swimming.

100% Made in Italy product.


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According to stock availability


Plastic + Rubber

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