Aqquacombat Gloves

Pair of boxing gloves for use in water.

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The amplitude of the movement and its speed also condition the activity due to the conformation of the tool specially designed by Aqquatix.

Unique and effective, wearing Aqquacombat is easy, imagining hitting a bag is engaging.

A lot of activity can be done by engaging the upper body and arms.

The durable material it is made of is not afraid of water and can remain submerged even for long periods.


Black, Lime


32 × 22 × 9.50 cm


Injected EVA

  • ~300 Kcal/h* FEMMINA: normotipo media età • 75% della FC
  • ~400 Kcal/h* MASCHIO: normotipo media età • 75% della FC

*Consumo calorico stimato, con una temperatura dell’acqua tra i 28 e 29 gradi

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