EAA: the evergreen training

Twenty-seven years of training activities in the world of water activities (with the exception of those related to classical disciplines) mirror the validity and strength of an association that has held the bar firmly on the vision with which it was born: to popularize the importance of doing activities in the water, vertically above all, offering, for example, unique possibilities to so many people who struggle to do land-based training.

Courses on water disability, a course that provides a diversified and particular approach to the many aspects that affect this area, have already restarted with great success, as has the access course for aquafitness, the First Online version, which always manages to hit the mark, even at a distance, giving the answers participants are looking for. Neonatal, activity for pregnant women (along with their partners) and Rehab classes, as well as in-depth Aquafitness classes with large and small equipment round out the wide range of offerings.

EAA's new training leverages the most influential experts to ensure quality standards of professionalism and service
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