Open Water

Create your own oasis of fun with our high-quality inflatable aquatic modules. At BAW Sports, the design and development of our obstacles are made in France, with meticulous attention to every detail to ensure a unique and safe experience for both adults and children. When we design our modules, we think “family.” In fact, he is the most interesting customer to “seduce.” Why? Because they come in groups and are faithful. If the whole family has experienced a “FUN” moment, they will be more inclined to return.

The versatility and wide range of our products (more than 50 different modules) allow you to reinvent the layout of your course from one season to the next, giving you the opportunity to start with a small water park and develop it in the future if you wish.
i noso rotuatico intasei versi lieteri your desired return on investment. To help you in your thinking, BAW Sports offers standard routes.

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