BAW Sports, the smart and unparalleled fun in the pool, sea, lakes

BAW Sports , a French company with years of experience in the field of inflatable water parks, lands in Italy thanks to the distribution agreement with Aqquatix, which, after more than 15 years of specialization in this field, elevates the offer and the range of proposals, choosing the BAW Sports team for quality, competence, innovation and professionalism.

Many options for each water space, with targeted and highly beneficial solutions for the pools such as the Aqua Kids Course for toddlers or the AQUAPLAY , as well as for lakes and open water with standard or customizable courses, adaptable to any need for space, capacity and available budget. Confirming the highest attention to safety and quality standards, each inflatable meets EN ISO 25649 with SGS certification and 3-year warranty.

Highest quality materials that meet REACH standards for environmental friendliness and exceptional durability. Quick delivery and complete service from project conception to installation, customization and after-sales service.

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