Aqquatix: quantity and quality in supply

The quality of vertical activity in the water must be sought in every aspect of the offering to the client and cannot be left to chance or improvisation.

Whether the activity is done without tools or with their aid, it is absolutely necessary to equip themselves with suitable materials to be used repeatedly in chemically treated water, durable in a swimming pool environment, not creating problems of any kind for the customer, dealing with a virtually endless target audience, from babies as young as a few months old to people of the fourth age.

Aqquatix is a specialist in this, offering a huge selection of large and small gear, easily stored in the dedicated areas of the tanks, with a superior quality of materials and a keen eye for design, so that out of the water it is configured as an “ornamental object” that is beautiful to look at.

The range of large equipment(AquaBike, AquaTreadmill, Puzzle Step, Round Jump, Vertical Dynamic) is a guarantee of long life and minimal maintenance.

Small tools, including the Happy Flower, Aqquacombat Gloves, and Easy Ankle Cuffs, make water training especially effective.

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