Aqquatix and LMP: the partnership to excel in the French market and Europe

An agreement was signed between the two leading Italian and French companies, giving Aqquatix’s distribution mandate in France to the Ocedis Group through LMP – La Maison de la Piscine

Aqquatix, an Italian company specializing in aquatic fitness and training equipment, operating in 74 countries worldwide, and La Maison de la Piscine – LMP, a historical company for the design and production of educational and pedagogical aids, and a leader in France and French-speaking countries, last Feb. 1 have signed an agreement linking the two groups with the aim of Strengthen the distribution of the Italian brand in France and French-speaking countries.

For Aqquatix, the French market is the second largest, after Italy, by volume of business , and with this agreement signed with the Ocedis Group (42 million euros in sales), which also owns LMP, it means being able to aim to make France the number one market for Aqquatix.

A challenge that convinced the parties by sharing a project built over the past six months and wanted by Ocedis’ owner and president, Romain Hardy, flanked by LMP’s commercial director, Geoffroy Callewaert, perfectly in tune with Marco Tornatore, founder and ceo of Aqquatix.

For us, who know the French market well thanks to the excellent work done over more than a decade by Pascale Dumontail and Jean Luc Blanc, our previous distributors,” said Tornatore. means further developing Aqquatix’s business and affirmation on French soil and in all French-speaking countries over which Ocedis-LMP boasts leadership as a presence and business results. The affinity of ideas and aspirations, as well as the dynamism of the French group strengthened by a young and determined leadership, facilitated the excellent understandings between the parties. LMP and Aqquatix aim together to strengthen the dissemination of Italian equipment recognized as the best in the world. The great professionalism of our French Partners and their unparalleled organization are the best guarantee for us to achieve new successes.”.

For Geoffroy Callewaert, who also spoke on behalf of President Romain Hardy “LMP is aiming for a further step of growth and has chosen the world’s leading aquatic fitness company in order to achieve prestigious results: in fact, we know that we can leverage our proven organization and a capillary and professional sales team; we are also aiming at significant investments also in promotion and training, riding as well the impact that the Paris Olympics has on our country. In the project we have involved testimonials of the value of Esther Baron, European backstroke champion in 2006, and we are considering other prestigious additions to our Team. We will also draw on the expertise of Blanc and Dumonteil who have done so much to establish Aqquatix in France. Personally, I am very optimistic and convinced that together we will achieve great things“.

The goal, perfectly shared by the two groups, is for Aqquatix sales growth in France of 45-50 percent over the next three years.

Aqquatix and LMP, after the preliminary phase of starting the collaboration, will also interact for the development of new projects, even considering already in the coming months the distribution of some LMP products in Italy through the Sales Team of the Padua-based company.

La LMP-Aqquatix partnership, whether in the short term it is aiming for noticeable sales growth in France and, to some extent in Italy, gives birth to a hub with a European scope which will allow, over the next few years, to establish itself in other countries by enhancing decades of export experience and the ability of the two companies to conquer new markets.

While a series of initiatives are being planned in France that will culminate in an event next June to better present the new partnership to the French market, Aqquatix will be able to present itself to industry insiders, on the strength of this new arrangement, as early as Bologna at ForumPiscine/ForumClkub Expo scheduled at Bolognafiere Feb. 14-16.

Aqquatix Srl, headquartered in Limena (Padua), specializing in the production of aquatic equipment such as aquabike, aqua-treadmill, step machines for swimming pools and many other machines and aids for training, rehabilitation and fitness in water, founded in 2006, is part of a group that distributes in addition to its own brand, the American brands Life Fitness (a world leader and fitness historian) and German Wibit Sports (number one in the world for floating inflatable parks). Also part of the Aqquatix group are. E.A.A.-European Aquatic Association and the international division. I.A.A.- International Aquatic Academy, dealing with professional profile training in swimming pools and aquatic training and fitness events; also complementing this is the editorial section represented by Wbox Srl publisher of the magazines HA Wellbeing e HA Pool Construction, as well as of Information portal that updates daily on business, regulations, trends, wellness and exercise economics.

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