Aqquatix: always by the side of those who believe in quality and success

The public pool and fitness centers are again booming. This is evidenced by the numbers and statements from entrepreneurs in the industry. So it is the right time to push again, to raise the quality of activity on the water, renew, and invest in new service offerings. To do this requires having the proper, durable, safe “tools” available. In Aqquatix ‘s mission is the desire to be at the side of those who want to focus on equipment of the highest standards and empower technicians to be able to work at their best, in every situation.

Just any aquabike is not the best. The synthesis of quality, reliability, functionality is the Aquabike line of Aqquatix complemented by other excellent equipment that shape the Aquatic Circuit of Excellence: BPM Aquabike , Star AquaTreadmill , Round Jump to name a few. But even if we are talking about small gear, Aqquatix’s standards are always uplifting for Aqquacombat Gloves , Big Ankle Cuffs o Happy Flowers .

For each pool, Aqquatix offers tailor-made solutions, including smart training ( EAA ) to make the best use of equipment, incomparably enhancing a wonderful environment such as water.

We look forward to seeing you at ForumPiscine 2024, Hall 25 – Stand B1 C1

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